To all of my friends, fans, teammates, neighbors and colleagues, I wanted to bring to your attention something that is very important that we can work on together to improve the quality of life of so many who suffer needlessly. Because of your love of sports and your compassion for the people who perform and entertain so selflessly, I believe that you will find that the Game Plan Foundation and its mission will become as important to you as it is to me. One of the exciting things about the work that we do at the Game Plan Foundation is that it will ultimately help so many people. The issues we’re dealing with affect not just the professional athletes who have become front page stories, but millions of people from seniors to children. It is a $100 billion a year severe problem. We want to help those in pain and with neurological disorders now as well as train children to grow up to be able to make better choices so that they don’t suffer needlessly and unexpectedly.

I look forward to tackling a major problem for the benefit of current and future generations.

-Leonard Marshall, Chairman